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Frànçois and the Atlas



(gatefold cover - transparent vinyl)
LEJ 012 - 500 copies
Out on December 18, 2009

Be Water (Je suis de l’eau)

Do You Do
Nights = Days
Years of the Rain


News - Next release:
FRÀNÇOIS AND THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS "Plaine inondable" LP (vinyl edition)

We are working on the vinyl edition of Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains' "Plaine inondable", wich is due to be released on december 2009. CD edition is out now, released by Talitres (France) and Fence (UK).

"Be Water (Je suis de l'eau)". Song and video by Frànçois. To be found at "Plaine inondable"

December 2009 - at Espace B, Paris
october 2009 -
Magic rpm: interview with Frànçois: (in French)

Photo by Andrew Mania

(...) Es-tu un grand voyageur ?
J’ai beaucoup bourlingué par moi-même. Ado, je suis allé pas mal en Europe de l’Est, en Grèce, à Prague, en Espagne forcément, et puis au Maroc. Après, par le biais des tournées, je suis beaucoup allé aux États-Unis. Et quand j’ai joué en compagnie de Camera Obscura pendant un petit moment, j’ai vu le Mexique, le Canada, la Nouvelle-Zélande et l’Australie.

Quels souvenirs gardes-tu de toutes ces escapades ?

Quand j’étais plus jeune, j’avais un peu plus de temps, alors je partais souvent en stop, je dormais à l’arrache dans des parcs. Ces expériences m’ont beaucoup enrichi. C’était vraiment l’école de la démerde. Ça m’a beaucoup servi pour la suite. À part ça, au niveau des rencontres, finalement, ce qu’il y a de meilleur, c’est souvent ce que tu développes avec les gens qui t’accompagnent. C’est bien de partir pour rencontrer, mais c’est aussi très chouette de partir avec des personnes et de devenir encore meilleur ami avec elles.

Au niveau musical, j’ai eu un grand choc au Mexique. Même si c’est un cliché de dire ça, ça bouillonne de vie, c’est incroyable. Un soir, on a traîné sur une place où cinquante Mariachis jouaient en même temps, à cinq mètres les uns des autres, avec des locaux qui dansaient devant eux. C’est vraiment une culture complètement exacerbée. Sinon, les grands paysages à scruter me marquent toujours. La côte de l’Oregon par exemple. (...) Read more>>
October 2009 -Festival Comme à la Maison, Brussels

September 2009 - Bristolians go Saintes!

summer 2009 -
What's on the Hi-Fi : Interview with Frànçois

(...) Frànçois is an artist (both musical and visual) who deftly melds the influences of his native France with those of his adopted home of Bristol. His lo-fi indie pop is at once warm and intimate and often unabashedly joyous. There is a welcome unhurried and ambeling feel to his naive songcraft and a soft reassurance in his reserved vocals, combining to lay out landscapes often plucked from Frànçois' passions and memories, as is the case on the beautiful EP Her River Raves Recollections. A true delight. (...) read more>>
July 2009 -Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains' 10" !! Launch Tour:

July 2009
(post only in Spanish and French, sorry)
Los Concerts du 7ème Ciel inician una nueva temporada veraniega de conciertos secretos sobre los tejados de Paris, con un fin de semana de festejos, el sábado 04 y el domingo 05 de julio 2009.

El sábado 04 de julio, recibimos a dos expatriados. El primero vive en Inglaterra y el segundo en la otra punta del mundo, en Nueva-Zelanda:
de regreso de una gira americana con Camera Obscura, Frànçois y su amigo Luc despertarán la terraza del 7º Cielo de un larga tregua invernal con sus giros pop-folk. Inventivo y siempre sincero; alternando lo jovial y melancólico, la música de ambos hará perder el sentido a muchos de los presentes.
(more info)

FRÀNÇOIS AND THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS "Brother EP" 2 x 7” (gatefold cover)
LEJ 010
Out on Dec. 1, 2008

a . side
The Way To The Forest

b . side
Night Lights

c. side
Tracey Emin

d. side
Women Wearing Coats

4/5/09 - Frànçois will be performing live, with his water colour animations as a backdrop, at The Drawing Exchange Festival

January 09 - Best of 2008. Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains' "Brother EP":

- Best EP for El ruido de la Calle
- Top 3 best EPs for Ondefixe
- Best record for GdO at A decouvrir absolument
4º best EP for Indienauta.com readers.


22/11/08 - Video for "Tracey Emin" by Raphaëlle Chovin. Song to be found at "Brother ep".


9/11/08 - Launch of Frànçois' "Brother" at La Filature, Brussels.

[click on the image to enlarge]


5/11/08 - Bordeaux: Total Heaven

"This is the poster for the anticipated first art exhibition in Bordeaux's finest shop, Total Heaven. I am very proud to be the first on the list. The works exhibited will comprise water colours paintings made for various album cover. For example, the one of Bergsman's Monika on the poster was made for Planet Earth's first ep. The exhibition is organised by LlCoolJo who's one of the sweetest guy i know. The exhibition opens on the 5th Nov at 6pm, with a showcase of Ladybird and Rozi Plain, and will stay on the walls till the end of the month. come around see you there or somewhere else". Frànçois


Charente by Frànçois

2/10/07 - News
Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains have recently been on the french musical press spotlight. Their songs were played on France Inter's "C'est Lenoir" radio show, and "Les Inrockuptibles" published a flattering review of their album "The People to Forget". The french weekly also included "Revu", their wonderful first album hit, in their "downloads of the week" section (see Nr 616). Download it here. If, as many have been, you too are amazed by it, you may buy the album at Frànçois' website.

Sept. 07 -Below is the video for 'Tour De France' filmed in june-july 2007 during the Europe tour.

For a better viewing please wait for the video to be fully loaded, this might take several minutes.

14/7/07 - Podcast
Les Inrocks Podcast vol.46
with Mark Ronson ("Stop Me (Dirty South Remix)"), Shout Out Louds ("Tonight I Have To Leave It"), Okkervil River ("Our Life Is Not A Movie Or May Be"), Tahiti Boy & The Palm Tree Family ("1973") and Frànçois ("Revu").


June 07 -
"Tour de France"
Lejos Discos released "Tour de France" just in time for last summer European tour. This was a presentation EP, in advance of his forthcoming new work, to be out in october 2008.
FRÀNÇOIS "Tour de France" CD-r
LEJ 006 (June 2007)
Sold Out
01 Tour de France
02 The song of the drowning man
03 Katrina
04 How the kids loose their head
05 Go back to work

12/3/07 - Article
EPIGRAM online. Bristol University's Independent Student Newspaper

"The optimum position I could be in would be to be able to stay free to make the music I truly want to. I don't expect my music to take me anywhere, but I want to take my music and art as far as I can."


11/6/06 - Live reviews: Frànçois at Cargo, London, june 11th, 2006, to be found on HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE LOVED?

"Some kids are blessed with quiet, cute charm, and François is one of them. His band (by all accounts a Bristol supergroup of sorts, featuring members of Movietone and other such local luminaries), happily make music geek fools of themselves, dancing and clapping and crying “wooooh” in unison like they’re auditioning for Architecture In Helsinki, but Francois keeps his head down and his focus steady. He’s too busy singing about late night parties and close friends for frivolity, after all." (Continue reading...)


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